High Altitude Training!

I thought it was about time I gave a little update on my training progress for Dovestep! I am without a doubt the fattest member of the team, so reckon that means I’ve got to train that bit harder! So in the last four weeks I have done some high altitude training in the High Caucasus and ran two half marathons!

Mount Kazbegi
Mount Kazbegi

Okay, so the high altitude training was not actually planned purely for Dovestep; it was a fortuitous opportunity as I was attending the Batumi Bird Festival! Beautiful scenery and epic birding ensued! The walking was brutal (especially carrying 25 kg + in my back-pack), in fact even sleeping at around 2,900 meters asl gave me an epic cardio work out!

During my visit to Batumi I saw good numbers of Turtle Doves migrating; the sad fact was that these were the first Turtle Doves I had seen this year! Perhaps even more poignant was one that I found shot dead on the nearby delta. This is a species that is under so much pressure from all angles………we could lose this species globally within our lifetime if we don’t do something about it!

With these experiences firmly in my mind I have packed in two half-marathons in the past three weeks!

Yay...finished the Great Cumbria Run (and got a PB)!
Yay…finished the Great Cumbria Run (and got a PB)!

More to come 🙂


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