Dove Step and BlackBar Brewery!

It is with colossal excitement that I can announce the first Dove Step sponsor as BlackBar Brewery!


The whole team is super excited to have secured support for such a vital aspect of the expedition; the recovery beers!

If you are not familiar with BlackBar Brewery then please do check out the website and get a feel for the ethos of the Brewery via this news piece.

Brewer Joe Kennedy had the following to say on the beautiful partnership:

I follow your MAD passion for birds and the environment (twitter 
is a great thing) and I believe your right, stuff needs to be done. Be 
it more birds, less cars, less electric or just composting your tea 

So yes I'm supporting you and your tribe of inked birders, naturalists and others.
BlackBar can help with some beer...

With our passion for self propulsion and beer teaming up with a Brewery delivering beer via pedal power feels very natural and definitely cause to raise a glass!

A whole hearted thank you to Joe and the BlackBar Team from the Dove Step’ers.

If you would like to support Operation Turtle Dove and sponsor our trek in any way then please do get in touch via the comments function below.

With thanks for visiting the Dove Step site and more to follow next week…


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