Why Do Dove Step?

Well, this is it. Committed. 300 miles, two feet and two good mates. This undertaking does require a level of commitment, and will, no question, involve some drama, pain, successes, failures and, well, a journey. Metaphorical and quite, quite real.

So, I agreed to do this bird walk for several reasons;

  • First, I care deeply about the disappearance of our farmland birds. I want my children to know the churring of a turtle dove as a familiar sound as I, and my father, and his father have done.
  • Second, as a consultant ecologist I have made a livelihood from the environment and it is time to give something back.
  • Third, I have something to prove as afar as my personal fitness is concerned.
  • Fourth, I want to be part of an adventure involving birds and beer with three splendid chaps, and will hereafter be known as the “untattooed one” a bit like the fellow in ZZ Top without a beard.
  • Fifth, I like walking.

It seems to me that if I am going to walk 300 miles for charity, we are not talking small change here. From now on I will be hounding all my rich contacts for sponsorship or funding of any kind, so if you know me and have pockets full of notes, watch out I will be after you!


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