Lots to report since Sir Rob’s last post sharing his motivations for joining the Dove Step team.

Firstly, we have pinned down the route! We know, if all goes to plan, where we will be and when. We will be posting more detail about the route on ‘The Journey’ page but the end point for each day is as follows:

  1. Start Lakenheath Fen RSPB;
  2. Wiggenhall St Germans;
  3. Gedney Drove End;
  4. Frampton Marsh RSPB;
  5. Wainfleet All Saints;
  6. Mablethorpe;
  7. Humberston;
  8. Skitter Ness;
  9. Langtoft;
  10. Scarborough;
  11. Whitby;
  12. Saltburn; and
  13. Saltholme RSPB.
Sir Rob route finding

Should you have a five star (will accept four) accommodation, a summer house, or even a garden shed you would like us to sleep in then we would happily do so.  In return all we’d ask for is hot food, cold beers and perhaps washing facilities?

One planned route – thats a lot of maps!

Seriously, aside from the RSPB reserves if you are able to recommend places to camp/ stay it would be greatly appreciated. We hope to coincide our time at the RSPB reserves with visiting hours so we can talk to people about the journey and Turtle Doves. Maybe we will see you there?

Turtle Doves – thats what its all about!

As well as pinning down the route, training has continued in earnest. We are learning lessons quickly and in many cases the hard way (blisters, chaffing, etc!) and have a big training weekend scheduled at the beginning of next month.

In addition the fundraising total is rising which is really heartening, after all along with raising awareness for Operation Turtle Dove the primary aim of Dove Step is to raise funds to support the research and improved habitat so vital to halting the decline of Turtle Doves.


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