Happy New Year!

2014 is the year of  Dove Step and I type this 91 days from the start of our journey!

Tris and Jonny, Egleton, August 2013
Tris and Jonny, Egleton, August 2013

Since my last festive post Tris and myself co-authored a wee blog over on the RSPB site. In addition our efforts were also mentioned in the monthly Birdtrack update email. If you do like birds and recording them even on a local or garden level Birdtrack is well worth the effort. It is a free online tool and once you enter your sightings they are secure. You can then do some pretty nifty occurance comparisons year-on-year and for different sites as well as reminisce on previous years sightings.

Following on from Tris’s last post on here there is an update on his preparation for both Dove Step and 1000 miles in Memory of Martha over on his Inked Naturalist site. Keep up the good work Tris!

The rest of the team Sir Rob, Goodrick and myself are meeting tomorrow evening ahead of some winter training in Suffolk Breckland this weekend. We will be covering just over 20 miles then setting up camp overnight before walking back the next day. It is a good opportunity to practice and time how long it takes us to get the tents up, cook dinner and settle in for the night.

Santa was very kind this year so we all have a variety of new items to try out from tents and torches to stoves and boots!

It will be great to see three quarters of the team and get some miles in our legs. As ever more to follow…


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