59 days until Dove Step!

Turtle Dove – photograph Debby Saunders

As January comes to a close we are now just 59 days away from commencing Dove Step! In two months we will be putting on our boots, waving goodbye to our loved ones and starting out from Lakenheath RSPB reserve…

January has seen three of the team participating in the Foot It challenge, which added a good incentive to get out and do some serious milage. I know Sir Rob has pounded the roads and paths of North Norfolk and I managed to cover over 127 miles on foot over New Years day and the following four weekends.

Tris, is as ever running his heart out! Amassing miles towards his 1000 for Martha target. Indeed the next month or so will see a lot more running in our training regime. Tris, Goodrick and myself are all doing the Anglesey Half Marathon known as ‘The Island Race‘ on 2nd March. A month of running should give us a good fitness boost before reverting back to walking based training after the first weekend in March.

As we progress towards the big event Operation Turtle Dove is gaining momentum too, be sure to check out the Turtle Dove Talk blog spot for updates on; the Trichomoniasis disease and Turtle Doves, migratory threats to Turtle Doves including hunting and which farmland features are most attractive to Turtle Doves.

Incredibly there have also been reports of Turtle Dove shunning the migratory urge and over-wintering in the UK! Two have been reported to the BirdTrack online recording system and one was photographed in a Cambridgeshire garden on the 21st of this month! The picture below was sent into the RSPB…

Turtle Dove – Cambridgeshire garden on 21st January, 2014


What a wonderful bird to have in the garden at anytime of the year – but incredible in mid-winter!

Before I sign off a quick thank you – the JustGiving total has already hit the 49% of our fundraising target! With many thanks for supporting Dove Step, Operation Turtle Dove and of course the RSPB.

Just 59 days to go…


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