Reality dawns

300 miles in 13 days. What a good idea that seemed at the time. And now? Well, to be quite frank, it seems scary and a long way off being a certainty that I (for one) will make it. Mind you, I have got the most fantastic new boots, c/o Cotswold Outdoor and Meindl boots. They are so light! And I have started taking care of my feet for the first time in oh, 44 years.


We are currently trying to tighten up the schedule a bit, and have recruited the help of organisational wizard Sven Wair who is trying to sort out some accommodation at appropriate places. See Jonny’s previous post for our potential stopping points. Also, things are moving forward on the fundraising front! New sponsor Wild Frontier Ecology (high quality consultants for all your ecological needs), and further private sponsors have taken the total raised to £550, which surpasses our first projected target. That is brilliant! Hopefully we will get some more sponsors before the walk – maybe you? Perhaps I can persuade you by the photo below, giving an indication of the pain and suffering incurred by the team. See the pleading expression in his eyes!


This is going to be harsh, and no mistake. But it’s already been very heartening to have so much interest and support. Thanks everyone! There will be more training walks, more events and fun and games coming soon!


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