Wild Frontier Ecology joins Dove Step!

20100322 WFE 20100322 plover

Regular readers will have seen from Sir Rob’s post some seriously exciting news (and his battered toe nail!), the eagle eyed amongst you will also have noticed the addition of Wild Frontier as a Dove Step sponsor on the right hand side of the blog.

Wild Frontier have kindly come on board as our first corporate sponsor the result of which is a serious boost to our fundraising total on the JustGiving page. Between Wild Frontier and a number of private donors the last week has seen us surpass our previous fundraising target already! It is a happy requirement that we are discussing a reasonable upwards revision to our target. With many, many thanks to both Wild Frontier and also those individuals who have chosen to support Dove Step, Operation Turtle Dove and also the RSPB.

Wild Frontier are an independent ecological consultancy, based in Norfolk but working across the UK for a number of clients including statutory advisors, developers, conservation bodies, landowners and local governments.

Be sure to view the Wild Frontier website for their full capabilities including the surveys they undertake, development services and news via the Wild Frontier blog.

Although best known for his expeditions and world travel Sir Rob holds a directorship at Wild Frontier and has the following to say on behalf of Wild Frontier Ecology:

As ecologists, we get some opportunity to be involved in habitat enhancement, some of which benefits farmland birds such as the turtle dove. But the situation is now so urgent for this species in particular, that direct action for fundraising and awareness raising, such as that being taken by the Dovestep team, is necessary. I am delighted that Wild Frontier Ecology have the opportunity to be very much a part of this initiative, and hope that other corporate sponsors will come forward and make every mile walked a big step closer to securing the future of our farmland birds“.

A huge thank you to Wild Frontier Ecology and poignant words from Sir Rob there. Do get in touch if your company would like to become a corporate sponsor of Dove Step and members of the team will be happy to discuss what we can offer in return – aside from the satisfaction of supporting Operation Turtle Dove!

Just 46 days and 7 weeks  until we commence our march – as a team we are getting seriously excited!


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