Dove Step Beer!


No really, you read that correct; Dove Step Beer!

BlackBar Brewery were our first sponsor and from the offset we were delighted to have their support. Whilst Dove Step is a physically demanding endeavour and driven by a very serious cause, we are gentlemen and beer is a part of our planned recovery. Accordingly securing the support of our favoured brewery was a huge moral boost!

We took the opportunity to make a team visit to BlackBar brewery last Saturday, to discuss BlackBar’s continuing involvement in Dove Step, meet head brewer and owner Joe Kennedy and enjoy some beer! Joe is a gent. A true gent of the calibre you don’t often get to meet…

Mr BlackBar Joe
Mr BlackBar Joe Kennedy

Joe kindly showed us around the brewery, took us through the brewing process and best of all let us taste the BlackBar range. I can confirm each ale was delicious! The cask ales were awesome and my favourite of the bottled ales was MTFU. I am day-dreaming of a bottle as I type this!

Check out the range of BlackBar ales and where you can drink them over on the BlackBar website.

We tried all of these – they were all most excellent!
You can take home your own casks – which some of the team did, of course!

In chatting about BlackBar and also Dove Step we came to the beautifully natural conclusion that we should brew a Dove Step beer! I am as excited about this prospect as I am apprehensive of covering 300 miles, on foot, in just 13 days!

We will obviously devolve responsibility for creating the beer to Joe – some things are sacred! But will be sure to publicise where you can drink some Dove Step Beer for your self and when it will be available! In drinking the Dove Step beer you will also be supporting our fundraising efforts, as a % of sales will be added to the JustGiving total.

Watch this space for news…

Team Dove Step and BlackBar!

Just 43 days and counting till we leave Lakenheath RSPB and start Dove Step!


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