Bag packed!

Well with two days to go I have finally assembled all the kit I need. I have a dodgy back, so I decided to make an investment in some high-tech lightwieght stuff to minimise my pack load. All in all, I was pretty pleased to get the pack wieght down to around 8kg.

So, my entire world revolves around the following kit for the 13 days of the walk:


3 pairs soft cotton trunk style pants

3 pairs Bridgedale socks

3 t-shirts

1 thermal base layer (top and legs) doubling up as pyjamas.

1 pair Meindl boots (love you!)

1 pair craghopper trousers, unfashionable cut.

1 pair shorts (cotton)

1 microfleece

1 beanie hat

Rab waterproof jacket (lightweight at 550g)

One man tent (Wild country Zephyros) 1.5kg

Rab down sleeping bag (600g)

Therm-a-rest sleeping mat (600g)

Head torch

Swiss army knife

Bedsocks (Heatholders)


Nail scissors

First aid kit minus bandages


Iphone for tweeting

Powerbee rechargeable power pack.

Bepanthen to soothe chafing.

Lamisil for Athlete’s foot


Water bottle

Compact Swarovskis (216g) borrowed from the great Peter Ryley (thank you!)

Foody bits

Cleaning cloth

Toilet roll

washing gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, sun cream

Plastic bags

Wallet with photos of children (love you too!)

And, I think that’s it? can you think of anything I’ve forgotten?

Cornell Labs notebook



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