Dove Step – Day 1

Duration: 9 hours
Daily Distance: 28 miles / 45 km
Cumulative Distance: 28 miles / 45 km
Distance left to go: 275 miles / 443 km
Temperature: 8 – 15 Oc
Wind: 14mph
Number of bird species encountered: 74 including Crane, Water Pipit, Bearded Tit, Goosander.


Goodrick – meeting Sir Rob and getting blisters! Plus, finishing the walk – twice!

Sir Rob – seeing Cranes over Lakenheath, the false gift of having finished before realising the correct bridge was 4km further on!

Jonny – finally getting started and shedding the first 28 miles of many!

We are currently enjoying the very best of Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen and trying to best recover from the days (over) marathon efforts. The whole team are delighted to be joined by Dove Step fellow Anna.

We also couldn’t have had a better and off – with many thanks to Fee, Sven and Jane, Dawn and Bethany and the Eastern Daily Press for marking the occasion.

Here is a picture of Bethany with her supporters certificate. With thanks for starting Dove Step!



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