Dove Step – Day 3 and 4

Owing to our slack blog performance yesterday here is a conjoined post for the last couple of days…

Combined duration: 18.5 hours
Combined daily Distance: 48 miles / 76 km
Total cumulative Distance: 101 miles / 161 km
Distance left to go: 202 miles / 325 km
Temperature: 7 – 13 Oc
Wind: 7mph
Cumulative number of bird species encountered: 103 species including Short-eared Owl, Scaup, White-fronted Geese, Ruff, Grey Plover.


Sir Rob – the wonderful experience at Frampton Marsh RSPB, the reserve, staff, birds and volunteers. All superb . Today; Short-eared Owl and walking the Macmillan Way from Frampton and Boston.

Jonny – Sir Toby Collett of Frampton Marsh fame for the hospitality, medical advice and a great nights sleep. With many thanks for trusting me to make my public speaking debut! Very much appreciated as was the kind reception from the Frampton staff and volunteers.

I cannot say enough good things about Frampton Marsh, we had a raw tick-fest which saw us smash 100 bird species encountered during Dove Step. Including a wildfowl hit of; Scaup, Goldeneye, White-fronted Goose, Pochard and Shoveler!

Yesterday, walking-wise was incredibly testing for me. The last couple of hours were excruciating. On arrival at Frampton I realised that a portion of dead skin had come away from the front of my right foot and was now abrading the fresh / raw skin beneath. White hot pain!

Incredibly, after some field surgery cutting off the dead skin and applying a sterile gauze, today has been the best walking day since Day 1 – a full 26 miles covered!

We have also crashed through the 100 mile walked barrier. Hurrah!

Despite a particularly trying last couple of walking hours today we saw each other through and have enjoyed the very best of Wainsfleet this evening. With thanks to Anna and my Dad for joining us to make sure the Batemans Pub is up to scratch 🙂

Sweet dreams and with thanks for reading – more miles in the morning!






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