Dove Step – Day 8

Duration: 8.5 hours
Daily Distance: 24 miles / 39km
Total cumulative Distance: 195.5 miles / 313.5 km
Distance left to go: 107.5 miles / 172.5 km
Temperature: 14 Oc
Wind: 15 mph south westerlies
Cumulative number of bird species encountered: 116 with Willow Tit and Woodcock new for today.

Sir Rob highlights – Willow Tit, crossing the Humber Bridge, Woodcock, sprinting 100m because I’m mad and the sheer, sheer pain of blistered feet. Reaching Yorkshire.

Goodrick highlights – getting back to Dove Step’ing, the Humber Bridge.

Jonny highlights – seeing Gooders again and marching on Beverley as a trio. Posting yet another strong day at the 24 mile mark without too much degradation of the feet. Seeing off a third county – having walked the whole of it!

A superb day in the Dove Step camp. We are all jubilant – although a hard last hour or two marching we made it into Beverley after just 8.5 hours of walking. We are now convalescing in the Friary Youth Hostel and with complimentary YHA membership owing to our charitable status. With many thanks to the YHA for supporting our efforts.

We had our first more substantial rain today but it didn’t pose any real problems. Which is good as it’s looks like tomorrow will be a wet one.

Although mentioned yesterday, I have to mentioned again how hugely appreciative we are for the fundraising support. We have raised an amount we feel will be of significant benefit to Operation Turtle Dove now. This makes suffering the day-to-day a lot easier.

Thanks also to the online support. We have recieved some very, very cool tweets and photos.





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