Dove Step – Day 11

Duration: 8 hours
Daily Distance: 20 miles / 32 km
Total cumulative Distance: 257.5 miles / 412.5 km
Distance left to go: 45.5 miles / 73.5 km
Temperature: 12 Oc
Wind: 20 mph north westerlies
Cumulative number of bird species encountered: 123 with Siskin and Marsh Tit new for the trip today.

Sir Rob highlights – The Cinder Track and coastal scenery

Jonny highlights – Scarborough Youth Hostel and pleasant mileage!

We slept in!

For the first time of the whole trip we slept in! Spectacularly.

We usually get up at 6 re-dress our feet, get packed and in the case of Sir Robert 2 showers; shower. Breakfast it up at 7 and then get matching by 8am.

Today we awoke at 7:55! Basically 2 more hours slumber! We must have needed it after yesterday’s gruelling effort and fortunately Elise and Collin at the Youth Hostel were understanding about our late arrival to breakfast.

Collin also gifted us an awesome route – The Cinder Track – which basically straight lines Scarborough to Whitby. Infinitely better than yesterday’s roadathon and cliff top steps and valleys.

We also bumped into fellow hikers Ms Vickers and co. who keenly listened to why we were marching and looked so dishevelled!

Yesterday can definitely be described as nightmarish but today was much more dreamlike; we lay in, the sun was out, the Cinder Track was kind to our feet and we made it into Whitby in good time. Happy days.

Just two further big pushes now…

… can we make it?

… will my heel stay intact?

… will Rob’s swollen ankle last the distance?

Check back tomorrow to find out!




2 thoughts on “Dove Step – Day 11

  1. Well done Chaps! I’m Heather, part of Ms Vicker’s quartet that met you while walking. Great news that you’ve finished and raised so much for the turtle doves. Really well done! You walked a lot further than us!!

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