Dove Step – Day 12

Duration: 7 hours 10 mins
Daily Distance: 20.5 miles / 33 km
Total cumulative Distance: 278 miles / 445.5 km
Distance left to go: 22 miles / 35.5 km
Temperature: 13 Oc
Wind: 14 mph south westerlies
Cumulative number of bird species encountered: 124 with Razorbill new today.

Sir Rob highlights – the hills! Nice to get them in your legs. The exciting potential of this stretch of coast for bird migrants. Good path most of the way and feet felt good.

Jonny highlights – scenery! Awesome views of Sandsend and Runswick Bay. Seeing my ladies at the end of the day!

After a leisurely start we hit the go button! No complaints on the path front. It was happy shifting with the only exception of the incised valleys! Valleys mean steps – I lost count at 157 000 steps. My calves didn’t though! My thighs were equally astute!

We also covered Mount Boulby! A huge cliffed promontory with a near vertical road ascent. Our lungs and legs definitely stung for attacking that one.

We are currently at Brotton, ready to round the coastline and cross the Tees to Saltholme! We have also been spoilt this evening as my ladies; Fee and Fends are here ready for (hopefully) finishing tomorrow.

Literally, unbelievable is that we gained new blisters! Mine on my big toe and Rob’s extended his existing big toe blister!

We’ve had some concerned messages about our feet. I can offer no assurances – they are literally horrific.

Anyway, one last push and we’ve achieved our goal! 300 miles in 13 days for Turtle Doves.

We are reeling over the JustGiving page which has tipped £2k! With that level of support we can do anything in the morning. Anything.

See you at Saltholme!





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