Dove Step – Day 13

Duration: 9 hours
Daily Distance: 22 miles / 35.5km
Total cumulative Distance: 300 miles / 481 km
Distance left to go: 0 miles / 0 km
Temperature: 13 Oc
Wind: 13 mph westerlies
Cumulative number of bird species encountered: 128 with Eider, Common Scoter, Purple Sandpiper and Red-throated Diver new today.

Sir Rob highlights – beach walking between Marske and Redcar. Finishing! The finishing party – a very special moment.

Jonny highlights – achieving our goal! 300 miles for Turtle Doves. Arriving to a welcoming party of wonderful individuals!

Day of three halves! We started with maximum enjoyment shifting distance along sandy beaches! We did Saltburn to Redcar along the tideline and with great birds to look at.

Things rather dropped off when the Teesdale Way petered out after crossing jet black knee length puddles of industrial waste and bramble thickets! We then had to cross a series of industrial pipes, scale a embankment and bin off 11 miles via road!

The third half of the day was much, much better and blurs into a mass of family and friend greeting party, Tees Radio Interview, giving a talk and heading back to my mothers house.

As ever great support on the social networks too. Fuller thanks to follow when we’re sufficiently recovered!

We did it!





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