Two and a half thousand pounds for Turtle Doves!


This years JustGiving page has now stopped taking donations and the total raised is £2,456.66!

With the addition of Gift Aid the total is £3002.08! £3002.08 that has now gone straight to the RSPB and specifically to Operation Turtle Dove and habitat creation.

This is a clean £1000 over our fund raising target and the GiftAid total is twice the original target – big numbers! Using the Gift Aid figure this equates to 9 hectares / 90 000 square metres of land sown with Turtle Dove mix!

We are obviously delighted with these figures and the upswell of support for Dove Step it represents.

We remain extremely proud that Wild Frontier Ecology, BlackBar Brewery and Bridgedale Socks saw fit to put their names to and offer considerable support to Dove Step. We very much hope they will do the same in 2015 for Dove Step 2.

Aside from the fund-raising legacy, the Dove Step beer continues to be on sale via the Brewery directly as well  as other regional outlets. You can purchase bottles or mini-casks direct from the brewery between 4pm and 7pm today or via the open days listed below. Be sure to keep an eye on the BlackBar website in any case.

Dove Step beers! Lots of them!
Dove Step beers! Lots of them!
The perfect accompaniment to your summer evening!

The closing of this years JustGiving page really marks the end of Dove Step 1 and we are now firmly concentrating on Dove Step 2. Whilst this page will go quiet for some months now – rest assured we are very busy planning and training for a much bigger affair in 2015!

We will be announcing the 2015 challenge, sponsors and updating on all things Turtle Dove in the new year. Until then – don’t forget us!

The Dove Step 2014 finish line – where will the 2015 finish line be?




One thought on “Two and a half thousand pounds for Turtle Doves!

  1. Tremendous! I’ve forwarded it to those who gave me sponsor money on your behalf too. Much love. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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