Any undertaking is inspired by something or importantly someone.

The inspiration for the journey, the route planning and preparation is helped by many individuals at different times. Everyones involvement in Dove Step is massively appreciated but a special mention needs to be made to a man I have never met but with whom I have shared the most exciting journey…

George Meegan’s unrivalled journey the length of the Western Hemisphere recalled in ‘The Longest Walk’ which is ‘The Record of our World’s First Crossing of the Entire Americas’ and the best book I have ever read.

Whilst our journey falls dramatically short of the 19 019 miles marched by George Meegan our own ‘longest walk’ is our homage to a man who I strive to be as compassionate as, here are two quotes from the book (which you should of course read) to illustrate the nature of this superb individual, my hero George Meegan:

George Meegan
George Meegan – Prudhoe Bay, Alaska completing the longest unbroken march of all time (19,019 miles). Copyright © George Meegan

“There’s a hundred billion galaxies out there and a hundred billion stars in each one. And down here there’s nearly five thousand million people. I know that I’m less than a microbe in this great scheme of things. But I’m George, on my journey. I’m here. I’m alive!”
“I was startled out of my reverie by an animal call somewhere above my head. Looking up, I saw a long-eared owl, silhouetted by the moon, sitting on a thin, leafless branch of the tree by my side, staring straight down at me with cool indifference. I couldn’t suppress a smile. Nature can be like a lover who gently touches your shoulder and says, “It’s all right.””

George Meegan currently resides with his family in Ecuador where he fights for native (cultural groups) rights similarly he campaigns to save the cultural heritage and preventable language extinctions of Alaska’s remaining languages.

George Meegan resting
George Meegan resting during his crossing of South and Central America on foot. Copyright © George Meegan

Viva George Meegan!

Post by Jonny, June 2013


6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Jonny – I’m working on the autumn issue of Nature’s Home, the RSPB mag. We’d like to include you as one of the issue’s ‘migration heroes’, could I email you a couple of questions please?

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